We hope you are all doing week – particularly for those of us in Auckland!

There has been a number of forms of support for business and employees in place over the last year.  Here are some that are applicable to small business.

Financial support for business: this contains links to the Covid-19 short term absence payment, the Covid-19 Leave Support Scheme, the Covid-19 Wage Subsidy and the Resurgence Support Payment.

Business.govt.nz: this has a really useful overview of what support is available at what level plus the criteria for each support mechanism.

Business debt hibernation and insolvency issues: if you think you might need this, give us a call!

Covid-19 Commercial lease dispute service: if you are struggling to pay a lease on a commercial building due to Covid-19, worth a read.

Apprenticeship boost: if you’re in a line of business that takes on apprentices, this could be a good nudge!

Xero Assistance Programme: If you use Xero (and pretty well all our tax clients do) then this mental health support is available to you and your staff.

And of course, if you need our assistance; contact us.

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