Financial Stress during the Festive Season & IRD talking tough

Ahhhh the festive season is upon us again! A time for family, too much eating and drinking and

Preparing for tough economic times

Sick of gloomy economic news? Me too. Inflation, fuel prices, interest rates, currency fluctuations, it all sounds a

Hard work

Kiwis are well known for our good work ethic. According to the Productivity Commission we work more hours

Want a tax break? Take the bus!

It’s not often that tax news gets so many attention-grabbing headlines. While the proposed – and then quickly

August tax payment time and Economic Outlook

August tax payment time If you pay tax provisionally, good news! The 28th of August is just around

The Dirty ‘R’ Word

There has been plenty of talk about whether or not NZ is headed for recession. BNZ says the

Cyber Security and 7 May Tax Date

Interesting fact… According to The World Bank, the average net income per capita for the whole world was

Happy new financial year!

Today marks the first day of the 2023 financial year, so happy New Year! With the advent of

New financial support available for business and End of Year

New financial support available for business The government has announced further financial support for businesses affected by Covid-19.

Covid and The Workplace – Employers’ Responsibility?

If a staff member has to self-isolate, are they entitled to sick pay? Can you ask for proof?