Second Round of the Resurgence Support Payment

Last Friday, the government announced that they would be offering another round of the Resurgence Support Payment. This

Second round of wage subsidies (August/September 2021)

At 9am this morning, the next round of wage subsidies opens for application. If you are an employer

Reflections in Lockdown

For me, last week was a pain. Lots of people to blame, lots of fear. Uncertainty. What a

Covid Subsidies – August 2021

With NZ in lockdown, the various government support packages are beginning to be rolled out. Confusingly, there is

Max Whitehead re wage subsidy during Lockdown (August 2021)

Dave Saunders and Max Whitehead answer common questions around the covid subsidies available as we head into

Making yourself a target

If you read our newsletters with any sort of regularity, you’ll know we bring up cyber security on

Interesting time for interest

You may well be over hearing about the constant meteoric rise of house prices. Every news report seems

Halfway check up time – Success and Risk

And just like that, half the year has gone by. It’s been a bit of a strange one

Working Less Hard

Ahh New Zealand. The land of the Long White Cloud. Stunning vistas, natural beauty and exceptionally low productivity.

Protecting yourself online (and a change to Xero)

According to a report commissioned by ANZ, cyber crime has a $3 trillion impact on the global economy.