Why our package?

You could take on the task yourself, read through the legislation and guides, spend over 40 hours developing your own regime from scratch, or spend $10,000 and outsource the task to a consultant.

Or you can find middle-ground – at a fraction of the cost & time – with our AML DIY package. 

We provide a framework with the policies, procedures and controls already set out in line with the legislation and DIA’s guides. We provide you with the “guts” of a Risk Assessment, a framework so you know what information to put in and where to put it – all that’s left for you to do, is to tailor it to suit your business.

We are a New Zealand based small accounting and tax practice ourselves, so we understand the strain that the AML legislation will put on your business.  Our simplified DIY base documentation makes it easy for you to complete your own AML programme.

​These are written by small business for small business to simplify AML compliance.

A SIMPLIFIED framework you tailor to your unique business.



An AFFORDABLE solution for small businesses.



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AML BaseDocs

  • Risk Assessment Base Document
  • Compliance Programme Base Document
  • Risk Worksheet
  • Case Studies
  • Client Assessment Survey
  • Report Log
  • Client AML Record
  • Staff Training Programme
  • Staff Training and Vetting Record
  • Active Enquiry Form
  • Annual Review Process Checklist
  • Election to join a Designated Business Group (if required)
  • Access to How To Video guides
$899 + gst