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Auckland is still in lockdown. Many of us are itching to get out and about a bit more, or for parents, get kids back to school. But it looks likely that we’re going to be living with some form of restrictions in place for a wee while yet. If you’re in business, chances are that this is massively frustrating and for many of us, has been a real drain on our energy.

So, what can you do? First off, get vaccinated (if you haven’t already). Secondly, now is a great time to assess your personal productivity. Humans are really good at taking more stuff on, adding to our task list or our daily routine. Much of this ‘noise’ crowds out what is good for us, what we enjoy and what is valuable. One way to resolve this; a stop-doing list. It is the reverse of a to-do list; it simply highlights all of the stuff you’re not going to do anymore. When done well, having one will mean you get more (of the important) stuff done and feel less stressed in the process. Find out more here.


Support for business while in lockdown?

The two main forms of financial support for businesses are the Resurgence Support Payment and The Wage Subsidy. The Resurgence Support Payment is administered by IRD and among the criteria is a reduction in revenue of 30%. Find all the details here. So far, there have been 2 rounds of RSP and we expect there will be more.

The Wage Subsidy is administered by Work and Income and among the criteria is a reduction in revenue of 40%. Find all the details here. There have been 3 rounds and we expect there will be further – the third round closes TODAY (Thursday 30 Sep) at 11:59pm. As an aside, we have had reports of people who work as shareholder-employees in companies, who didn’t think they were eligible. If you are a shareholder-employee, then (provided you meet the rest of the criteria) you can still receive it.

If you run into problems applying for either, please get in contact.

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