It’s been a rough start to the year. And for many, this latest disaster is far from over. If you have been affected, our thoughts are with you.

Businesses aren’t immune from the effects. We know that this will be a stressful time for many business owners, and there will be some difficult decisions that need to be made in the coming days and weeks. If we can help with these decisions in any way, please contact us.

Speaking about stress, if you are feeling overwhelmed, we encourage you to reach out. If you’re not sure how to, check this out:, It’s a fantastic resource, and if you could benefit from it, we encourage you to make use of it.

Finally, if the current crop of disasters are going to make it difficult for you to pay your taxes, please let us know and we will make a plan. If you are going to face financial stress, the sooner you let us know, the better we can help. So please contact us.
Stay safe, look after yourself and those around you.
From the team at Aro Accounting

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