Self-employed or a shareholder taking drawings? Chances are that you’ve got ACC’s default cover in place. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer an injury that means you can’t work for a period of time, you would get to find just how difficult it is being self-employed or a shareholder taking drawings and having to claim ACC.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Don’t get me wrong, having lived in USA where in the place of ACC, they have lawsuits and ridiculously expensive insurances, I think that ACC is a better system. But the ‘default; is far from ideal for small business owners. But ACC offer an alternative that is actually really good. Like really really good. It’s just that most people haven’t heard of it. But you no longer have that excuse!

It’s called Cover Plus Extra, and there are a bunch of key advantages it has over the basic ACC cover. The top three (at least in my opinion) are that it’s an agreed level of cover – meaning you know what you will receive in the event of an injury rather than it being calculated off your most recent tax return, there is no need to ‘prove a loss’ that has resulted from an injury – you just need to prove that you were injured, and you receive 100% of compensation until you’re fit to return to full time work.

We’re not ‘financial advisors’ so can’t offer you specific advice.But if we could, we would tell you that you’re far more likely to receive weekly compensation from ACC for an injury if you’re on Cover Plus Extra. So take a moment and have a look at this to find out a little more.

If you need a hand applying, please contact us.

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