Fundamentals for Success: One-on-One Training

 What does the training consist of? A “steps programme”

  1. Where are we now: Organisational Snapshot / Balanced Scorecard 
  2. Keeping score 1, Profit vs Cash: Understanding the difference between profit vs cash, breakeven point 
  3. Keeping score 2, Money in – Money Out: Understanding core financial statements 
  4. Failing to plan is planning to fail: Understanding why we need a plan 
  5. Peeling the onion: Analysing your business 
  6. Rules of the game: Designing organisational culture 
  7. Faster horses: What do our customers value? 
  8. Measuring progress 1: KPI’s 
  9. Laser focus: The difference between urgent and important 
  10. Who’s doing what: the difference between accountability and responsibility 
  11. What are we doing: Turning it all into SMART actions 
  12. Measuring progress 2: Rinse, review and repeat 

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Understand their business’s financial position, what it means for their business how it arrived at this result
  • Have a simple, repeatable planning framework
  • Be able to use tools to objectively analyse their business
  • Be able to steer the organisational culture in a desired direction
  • Understand what value they bring to their ideal customer, and how this is unique and special
  • Know how to create forward looking measures to help drive accountability
  • Be able to consciously choose how to spend the single non-renewable resource – time
  • Be able to delegate effectively and be able to use data to hold team members accountable
  • In line with their plan, be able to set short and mid term objectives for the company and individuals
  • Have a regular rhythm of self-assessing and resetting 

What is the time commitment?

2 hours per fortnight.  Different organisations move at different speeds, depending on the capacity and capability of those running the organisation.  It is expected to take 11 months to complete the modules above 

What is the cost of the service? 

$899 + GST per month
This coaching is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting


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